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ID-100144848No matter what you do in this life, one of the things that can make you live a happy life is to follow your passion.  Following your passion for work or hobby helps you tap into your gifts and talents.  The act of following your passion allows you to gain skills in areas you’re already strong in and pushes you to become a better person, which then you can share with the world.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re known to be a person who is passionate about something? Something you do so well, and you get to be known in the world?

Why must you follow your passion?

You become happy. When you take the time to value your talents, giving your time and resources to your passion, you will find some of the greatest bliss you could ever hope for.

You become an expert. If you take the time to pursue your passion, what you’re essentially doing is developing your skills and gifts — this leads to you becoming an expert in your field.  And you get to be known, as the person who can be accessed for that information or body of knowledge. Who doesn’t want to be an expert about something? Don’t you want to be known to be an authority on something? Especially if it’s an area you’re already interested and it naturally comes to you.  As you develop your skills, more and more people will seek you out to advise them on your area of expertise, which could lead to countless new opportunities and possibilities.

Following your passion provides you with opportunities. When you follow your passion, everything becomes a possibility. With passion comes energy, comes excitement, comes motivation, and this can lead to synchronicity that you cannot imagine until you get there.  In other words, if you become an expert from following your passion, the world opens up for you with people and new opportunities.  Maybe even career opportunities. So, how can you develop your passion?

Think about what you love to do

First things first. Take a look at your own life and see if you’re already doing something that you love — but just not doing it very often. This is because identifying what you really love to do and channeling it in a productive way that turns it into a passion will help you explore what your heart desires. There are certain questions that you should ask yourself when you want to identify and confirm what your passion is:

    • What is my dream?
    • What is my life purpose?
    • What are my goals?
    • What do I do most of the time?
    • What do I keep on trying to do?
    • If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, and be happy while doing it, what would it be?
    • What do I love to do?
    • What would I do, even if I didn’t get paid for it?

Think about what you’ve always dreamed of doing

You see, for each and every one of us, there is that one thing that you know at the back of your mind, that: that is my dream – If I do that, if I achieve that, I will know that I’m being successful. Just do it!

Turn a beloved hobby into a full-time passion

If there’s already something in your life that makes you happy, and excited when you do it, makes you have a high sense of self-worth, then you should try to turn that hobby or activity into a full-time endeavor.

How about combining talents?

There are some people who are more lucky than others, people who are multi talented. If you are one of those, and have more than one talent, try to utilise them to your advantage. Maybe you love to write poetry and you love dancing – perhaps you could use your poetry to interpret a dance? But you need to find talents that talk to each other, that you will be able to do, so that they can complement each other.

Do the thing you’ve always dreamed about

Life is too short to keep postponing and procrastinating. No matter how risky, voracious or impractical that thing may be, you should work hard to make your dream a reality. Live in the moment.

My challenge to you? Do what you love. The results will be outstanding

‘There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’. Nelson Mandela

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