To change, you have to believe in yourself

Personal change requires you to change your personal belief system

One of the reasons people do not achieve the things they want to achieve in life, and do not live their dreams is because they do not believe in themselves. It can be very challenging to make personal change when you do not have a strong sense of self-belief. The lack of self-belief can be because you probably feel that you don’t have much to offer as an individual. When you question a belief you start to doubt it and no longer hold it to be true. For you to be able to make personal change, you first have to change your personal belief system.

You are what you think and believe

When you change your belief about yourself, you will increase self-confidence, because your beliefs affect the physical processes in your body. ID-10035554Every thought you think creates a physical reaction. If you think success you will become successful (please note: success may not be immediate) because success is in your mind. When you look down at yourself, and you think like a failure, you will consistently fail at everything you do. This is because you are what you think and believe, and your thoughts and beliefs are shown to the world in a form of a motion picture. You act what you think, and you become what you think. You channel your energies towards that which you think. And when you act what you think, people around you will treat you the way you treat yourself. So, what is your attitude towards yourself and what are your thoughts?

Know yourself

Learning to master confidence starts with you: acquiring self-knowledge about yourself. Knowing yourself enables you to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses, and capitalising on your strengths to build your self-confidence. This will in turn, help you to start believing in yourself.

Remember: You are the only one holding the power to change the world around you!

Inputs by Rethabile Ntho


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